Ana & Thibaut

A wedding ceremony in Las Salinas: the perfect setting for an international wedding

An international journey: why would you get married in Ibiza?

Ana, from Spain, met Thibaut, from France, in Dubai where they both worked and lived. On a trip to Ibiza, they first declared their love for each other. And it’s where Thibaut proposed.

Ibiza is the perfect wedding destination. It has plenty of romantic sceneries to hold the ceremony, it’s rich in culture and is often associated with love and a carefree spirit. The island’s effortlessly chic style can complement various wedding themes and styles. The iconic sunsets and vibrant local cuisine will make the experience unforgettable.

A Las Salinas vista, the perfect view for the big day

The couple chose a private wedding venue with a panoramic view over the salt lakes of Las Salinas. The villa also has one of the largest swimming pools on the island.

That’s why we decided to make the infinity pool the focal point of the wedding. A transparent catwalk was installed above the water, allowing the couple to literally  walk on water. Ana, an ex-ballet dancer, envisioned a grand entrance set to the tunes of “Alegria,” accompanied by five ballet dancers. Their dance on the water was nothing short of magical.

Ibiza wedding entertainment: a Lio inspired show and club vibes

The couple shares a passion for fine dining and entertainment, so we decided to combine both during the reception. We turned the catwalk into a stage for a “Lio inspired show.” This cabaret-meets-fine dining show is unique on the island.

After dinner, the guests moved to the basement, which we turned into an authentic underground club, complete with lasers, turning heads and projections. An effective method to get all guests onto the dance floor.

Six months of planning and preparation

This immense production took place in just six months. Usually, we have a bit more time to plan a wedding. The couple paid regular visits to the island so we could make decisions a lot quicker. That’s how we managed to turn their dreams into reality. Check out their pictures below.

Photography by Saskia Bauer