Charlotte & Benoit

A colourful wedding in Santa Gertrudis.

An Ibiza sunset: a break from traditional wedding norms

A personal and stylish wedding on Ibiza

This Belgian couple wanted their celebration to be very personal, with a keen eye for detail. The couple brought a unique touch to their special day, we made sure the vibrant colours, artistic flair and relaxed atmosphere came together as a whole.

Embracing vibrant colours in wedding styling

Charlotte and Benoit’s wedding was a burst of colour. We were free to play with unusual shades of blue and purple, which gave a stunning effect with the modern villa as a backdrop.

The couple’s logo, a design by Charlotte’s sister, was featured in every detail: from the welcome sign to the party favours. Having your own logo adds a unique touch to your day and makes for wonderful souvenirs afterwards.

Sunset-themed dress code and an original photoshoot

The couple embraced vibrant colours in their sunset-themed dress code. A colourful dress code is not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth considering. It creates a visual contrast with the white wedding dress, making the bride stand out even more. The vibrant palette will look absolutely stunning on the pictures afterwards.

A charming venue & live music

A private villa in Santa Gertrudis served as a backdrop for Charlotte and Benoit. The intimate location with a swimming pool provided much-needed refreshment for guests during the reception, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Live music adds a touch of energy to a wedding reception. This couple invited Anastasia, a renowned saxophonist, to elevate the mood. The wedding was a testament to the beauty of personalization and breaking free from traditional style norms. It reflects perfectly who they are as a couple. Discover the beauty and colourfulness of their wedding day.

Photography by Saskia Bauer