Katja & Christian

Swiss class mixed with southern romance.

Leaving the Swiss mountains behind to say “I do” on a sunny island… The dream of Katja & Christian finally came true in October 2022.

Authentic finca charm


The location for their big day was a no-brainer. We visited a 500-year-old finca just outside the rural village of Santa-Gertrudis. It was love at first sight for K&C. Even without any decoration, the couple was convinced about the ‘where’. To keep in tone with its atmosphere, the styling was kept sober, with earthy tones, pampas grass and white roses. Everything was perfect.

But even Ibiza doesn’t always guarantee blue skies; and the weather forecast showed no signs of keeping it dry on the big day. As a wedding planner, we always prepare emergency scenarios. In this case, we had large tents delivered the day before so the outdoor wedding could go ahead as planned. But Katja & Christian were lucky, because on 8 October 2022 the sun came out with no rainy cloud in sight. With no time to take down the tents, we moved the entire ceremony to an open spot in the beautiful garden and the reception was relocated to the elegant patio, where the guests had a toast to the brand-new bride and groom.


When entertainment is key

From the start, Katja & Christian had one very important demand: they asked for live music and entertainment. Live music can give more depth to your day and is a sure way to entertain your guests. In K&C’s case, we got 2 artists to perform during the ceremony and reception. A club DJ kicked off the dance party, with samba dancers firing up the dance floor. But the cherry on the cake was a live contortionist, giving a show in a gigantic champagne glass. It definitely made the evening memorable for everyone!

Photography by Saskia Bauer