Why use a wedding planner

The prospect of organising your wedding day can be a daunting one, even more so if you dream about holding it in a different country. Wedding planners are often viewed as a luxury however we believe that they are fundamental to the success of your day. Here are just afew reasons why you should consider our planning services a necessity:

Importance of ‘local’ knowledge & presence; having spent many years getting to know the island and its secrets we understand the challenges you can be faced with. Whether it be trying to select that perfect venue from afar, long-distance co-ordination of vendors, or simply managing the language barrier, we will use our knowledge to assist in these areas.

Alleviate stress; with so many things to think about it is often difficult to know where to begin. Add a splash of ‘relaxed’ island attitude, which you are sure to encounter, and you can soon feel overwhelmed by it all. We will remove these stresses allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the process.

 Save time; who would have thought planning your wedding could be so time consuming? Most couples underestimate quite how many hours they will spend organising their day and struggle to find sufficient time in between their work and social commitments to do their research and planning. We will streamline the process leaving you to focus on the details that really matter.

Benefit from the experience of a professional; the key to making your wedding day a success is good planning but if you have no experience in organising a wedding, especially one in a different country, how can you be sure that you are making all of the right decisions? This is particularly important when it comes to selecting high quality venue and vendors. We want your wedding day to be memorable for all the right reasons so you can look back with nothing but complete satisfaction and happiness…