Villa weddings – the right choice for you?

Posted on September 16, 2015


So, you’ve decided to realise your dream of getting married in Ibiza – now the all important matter of how to choose the right venue. If you are looking for something a little different than a toes-in-the-sand wedding, perhaps a villa wedding could be the perfect solution for you…


YES! The Pros

Perfectly personal: you can choose the perfect villa that has all the features you want – location, suitable number of rooms for your family, great garden and views for your ceremony and celebration.

Complete flexibility: You can design and create a wedding that is entirely personal to you. You choose everything from the catering to decoration, and tailor it entirely to your tastes and budget.

Pocket friendly: Although the initial rental of the villa itself may appear to be costly, it allows you to fully control your budget and make savings in other areas. For example, no venue hire or hidden exclusivity fees, family members can stay at the villa instead of hotels, you can hire in caterers to suit you budget and you have a great venue for a pre or post wedding drinks party with all your guests.



NOT FOR ME! The Cons

Watch the clock: unless you hire a wedding planner to assist you, organising a villa wedding is a more time consuming experience as you have to plan and manage all of the details yourself.

Week away: generally you will need to hire the villa for a minimum of one week (Saturday to Saturday) and there is little or no flexibility on this. With a traditional venue, you can hire it just for the day.

Mind the neighbours: many villas have immediate neighbours and therefore you need to take into consideration the level of noise your celebrations may generate and keep them to a respectful level. It is only possible to have music on up to 12pm midnight in Ibiza unless the venue has obtained the appropriate permission from the local authority.



Our Tips: before hiring a villa and parting with any cash, check that it is has an events license and that the owner is agreeable to you holding an event there.  Ensure you fully research your villa to make sure that it is a legitimate rental before paying your deposit.