Yannick & Marc

Intimate wedding a short hop from Ibiza City.

Sometimes life brings people your way that you feel an instant click with. Yannick and Marc was such a couple. Was it because Marc -like me- is from Antwerp; or because these lovebirds knew perfectly what they wanted for their wedding day? Probably both. In any case, I have really enjoyed planning this wedding!

One team, many decisions to make

As a wedding planner, I often have the most contact with the bride. But Yannick & Marc flouted that traditional definition. It was Marc who flew over to Ibiza to taste the food; discussing menus and deciding on suppliers and location. Yannick blindly trusted her groom-to-be. Nice to see how this couple was completely on the same page for the organization of their big day.

Storm over Ibiza 

Yannick & Marc were very clear from the start: they did not want a grand and lavish wedding. Their motto in life is «less is more«. So, they opted for a high-quality menu and refined styling. The long table in the garden was decorated with crisp white linen and finished with subtle wildflowers & candles. But, a rainy weather front floating towards the island almost put all of our plans to a halt. Being a wedding planner is all about being prepared for any emergency. So we decided to put up a large tent over the dining area, just in case. And the guests? They enjoyed every minute of this stylish wedding.

Photography by Dario Sanz