Hanne & Steffen

Personal ceremony with an ocean view.

Hanne and Steffen have had to wait a long time for their big day. Their wedding on Ibiza was originally planned for September 2020. But that was delayed time and again by—you guessed it—corona. Between lockdowns, we kept in touch on a regular basis; Hanne and Steffen chose the all-in package, leaving the planning and styling of their wedding entirely in our hands. Finding the perfect wedding location, selecting the right suppliers, creating an aesthetic decor and even arranging transport for the guests: we love raising every celebration to a higher level.

Breathtaking beach wedding

Almost two years later, in June 2022, it was finally time. After the civil wedding in Belgium, the couple and their guests came to the White Isle for their ‘ceremony of love’. It was located at an elegant restaurant near a private beach. With a view of azure-blue water stretching to the horizon, the power-couple made their vows.

Handwritten words of thanks

Inspiration for the styling was found in the beautiful Ibizan surroundings. Natural colours, like eucalyptus and pampas grass, with a pop of colour formed the aesthetic core that ran through the decoration and clothing. Elegant, natural elements made an impact on the day as part of the ceremony, on the tables and even incorporated into the bride’s hairstyle!

The wedding was personalised down to the last detail. Hanne and Steffen left a handwritten card under every guest’s chair. To top it all off, the bride sang the song for the opening dance herself, as a heartfelt ode to her beloved Steffen.

Love is the light

Scaring darkness away

(“The power of love” – Frankie goes to Hollywood)

Photography by Selia Zingale